Gender Bandit

LGBTQ Safe Space and Diversity Consultant

Want to do right by LGBTQ2S+ folks in your workplace, school, or community but don’t know where to start? I can show you how.

I am a nonbinary transgender activist and educator who works with not-for-profit and other businesses who want to invest in diversity and create safe spaces for volunteers, employees, and visitors. I facilitate workshops and can help you design programming that is not only inclusive or accepting, but accommodating and affirming to minorities in your community. I come from a conservative religious background and am well-positioned to share my personal experiences as a gateway for you and your team’s further engagement in a more social justice-informed world.



“How can I make simple changes to be more inclusive? What does LGBTQ2S+ stand for?” Help your community understand with interactive workshops.


Got a specific project you want to put in the right mindset? Need some help developing equity policy? Let’s talk!


Need a keynote speaker for your event who can confidently discuss LGBTQ+ issues? I’ve got you covered.


Want to create a safer space in your workplace? Have a transgender employee and don’t know where to begin? Let’s get started!

Eliot gives a fascinating and easy-to-understand presentation, distilling complicated subjects down to simple ideas. I didn’t fully realize how well they’d done that until I tried to explain to someone else what I’d learned and found myself frantically trying to quote them and look for a whiteboard. They’re also fun and funny. A++

Jasmine Stairs

Workshop participant

Your presentation was very informative and clearly explained difficult concepts for students.

Anonymous Teacher

from feedback form 2016

Thank you for educating us more on different sexualities/sexual orientations. I really learned a lot about what they go through in their daily life and I even learned the other parts of the LGBTQ2IA community. For example I didn’t know about the 2IA parts of it. Lastly, I send love to all parts of the LGBT2QIA community! ♥

Grade 7 Student (anonymous)

from feedback form 2016