Gender Bandit

2SLGBTQIA+ Safe Space and Diversity Consultant

Want to do right by 2SLGBTQIA+ folks in your workplace, school, or community but don’t know where to start? I can show you how.

I am a nonbinary transgender activist and educator who works with not-for-profits and businesses who want to invest in diversity and create safe spaces for volunteers, employees, and visitors. I facilitate workshops and can help you design programming that is not only inclusive or accepting, but accommodating and affirming to minorities in your community. I come from a conservative religious background and am well-positioned to share my personal experiences as a gateway for you and your team’s further engagement in a more social justice-informed world.



“How can I make simple changes to be more inclusive? What does 2SLGBTQIA+ stand for?” Help your community understand with interactive workshops.


Got a specific project you want to put in the right mindset? Need some help developing equity policy? Talking about 2LSGBTQIA+ folks and worried about language? Let’s talk!


Need a keynote speaker for your event who can confidently discuss 2LSGBTQIA+ issues? I’ve got you covered.


Want to create a safer space in your workplace? Have a transgender employee and don’t know where to begin? Let’s get started!

Eliot gives a fascinating and easy-to-understand presentation, distilling complicated subjects down to simple ideas. I didn’t fully realize how well they’d done that until I tried to explain to someone else what I’d learned and found myself frantically trying to quote them and look for a whiteboard. They’re also fun and funny. A++ Jasmine Stairs

Workshop participant