Beautiful people, friends of stripes and spots and cosmic patterns!

The personal project I alluded to in my most popular post is finally here!

I don’t want to take away from the company’s incredible post, so I’ll just share my artist’s statement and a few teaser photos.

“As someone who identifies as genderqueer, I am fascinated by the degree to which Western culture prescribes and enforces rigid understandings of binary gender. I am not (and do not see myself as) just a boy or just a girl–but whatever that may mean to me is often lost to the public eye because of the pervasive understanding of gender as “one or the other.”

Although we would all individually agree that men would not magically become women if forced into a dress, and women do not become men by wearing pantsuits, in practice, people tend to “read” my gender identity according to a very narrow interpretation of what makes a “girl” or a “boy” based on what clothing I am wearing–and punish me for pushing against or stepping outside this narrative.

Just like you, I am the same person each day, whether I am wearing a vintage dress and a colourful wig or snazzy shoes and a pressed shirt. Who ever decided that only men could wear oxfords or women wear skirts? Gender, when taken as originally offered, is stale and artificial. It is my hope that with this project, graciously brought to life by Dream Love Grow, we can all push back against such binary–and boring!–interpretations of gender, and be a little more free to express our truest selves in whatever clothing makes us most happy.”

– Eliot K. Waddingham

Please click here to see the full project! There are loads more photos and an amazing video put together by local artist/sorcery company, Dream Love Grow. I hardly have words to speak about it, I am so pleased (and so grateful, because I am certain there was a lot of this project where I did not look nearly so flattering or intelligent).

Can’t wait to share again with you soon. ‘Til next time, keep making your brain smile.