Hello beautiful people!

This post is unfortunately not going to have much educational or entertaining content, but I’m hoping y’all will skim it anyway.

Firstly, I do hope dearly that all my readers are having/had/will have lovely holidays, whatever you are celebrating! Mine have been a bit busy but I’m looking forward to about a week off before my classes start up again.

Speaking of which, I have three goals for that week off. One of them is working a secret project that you’ll know about in due time. Another is finishing a detailed analysis of the MPs in the Canadian House of Commons–if they identify as MOGII and what their voting record is on trans-related bills in the past session. Etc. It’s been a TON of work, but I’m getting close! I’ve wanted to write that post since Canada’s new PM make international headlines for having a gender parity cabinet–gender parity meaning 50% cis dudes and 50% cis ladies (meanwhile I’m just over here like THANKS FOR IGNORING US NB FOLKS, IT’S FINE, GENDER’S A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT ANYWAY RIGHT?)

and the LAST thing I want to work on this week, with some time off, is KNITTING.

Some of you who know me may know that I knit! I knit on looms (this is not really very much like knitting with needles, please do not ask me knitting questions, I am useless). I’m pretty actively involved in helping with the local 25,000 tuques group and I also knit for public consumption. I’ve got an etsy and hope to get my Shopify up this week too (yay Canadian businesses!)

Here’s the thing, folks. I have just started a new type of treatment for my depression/anxiety. I’m seeing a new doctor. We are testing new things. I am cautiously optimistic that hey, maybe it’ll work out better this time than it has in the past.  But for long and complicated reasons, I don’t have health insurance right now. (for my outside-Canada followers: our “free health care” is not as free nor as comprehensive as I would like. It’s not as bad as the States, I won’t deny that. But I still pay out of pocket for my SSRIs and I want to see a therapist sometime in the next year I have to pay out of pocket for that too). Seeing this doctor is expensive. Paying for the new tests and medications and treatments is expensive. And while I love my job, I’ve got $1,200 in tuition due in two weeks, plus rent, plus utilities, plus who knows what else in my life. Things are expensive. That’s just a reality I live with.

SO. If you got some money for Christmas, if you were unprepared for the sudden and violent arrival of winter three days after Christmas, if you forgot someone in your holiday gifting and want to make it up to them, if you want a unique hat or scarf with custom embroidery or pronouns knitted right in–please come check out my stuff. I knit by hand, with love, in a smoke-free environment (but I do have cats, so contamination can occur). I make hats, and headbands, and can make more complicated things like mittens, luxurious infinity scarves, and sweaters for dogs. I spent a lot of time right before Christmas designing my own pronoun hats–that’s winter hats in the style of those snug lettered hats you see for sports teams or cities, but with your pronouns on them, in colours of your choice!  I can knit with some wool, or none at all. I can knit with eco-friendly wool or economy acrylic–we can find something to fit your budget. And I promise you, the money is going directly to help me with my quality of life. I am so tired of sleeping 15 hours a day, friends. I am weary of losing one or two days a week to my depression. I want to be average. I am hopeful that this new search may help me find what I need. But it’ll be tough to afford it without some help.

If a knitted thing is not your style, or not in your budget, I’d also appreciate if you’d consider donating directly to me using that little envelope in the column over there. If my posts have helped you, if you learned something, if it made it you think, why not drop a few dollars in my tip jar over there? Skip your next fancy coffee and say thanks. It would mean a lot to me emotionally and make a real difference for me practically.

Alright folks, that’s enough from me for today. Tune in next week for more legitimate educational content. And again, Happy Holidays!