This blog is the genesis of a couple of things.

About a month ago now, while I was getting about 2/3 of the colour in my halfsleeve done,  I had the really cool opportunity to meet Toni, of Toni vs Rooster. Toni is one of those rad people who has turned what she loves–being creative!–into a way to pay her bills. I met Toni because she was consulting with my favourite tattoo parlour on rebranding a little, and we chatted a fair bit while I sat there getting ink put into my arm. We talked about social media, which she is much more savvy to than, I think, I am–but I know a little, because part of my (beloved) job is doing most of the “posting” part for Bold and Mighty‘s social media. Toni and I also talked about the weirdness of the 21st-Century and the sort of grey area that was starting to exist  between the “professional” and the “private”, and how we now have to curate even personal content for potential professional purview (ooh, check that alliteration).

Later, while on the phone with my (currently long-distance) partner, I was musing about wanting to clean up some of my online profiles for this reason, and he commented, “That’s the problem with social media today; we only have one circle.” He went on to talk about how much easier “managing” your friends used to be–you could have your work friends, and your school friends, your church acquaintances, people you saw infrequently but were on good terms with, and these people would rarely interact. This meant that you easily maintained relationships with people who, say, had extremely different political beliefs than you, because you only saw them in certain social settings and were able to keep that part of your life separate. But with the prevalence of Facebook now, it’s a lot of harder to keep your “circles” separate–and even the most fastidious curator of content will have spillover, often with negative reverberations.

So instead of having the culmination of my personality appear in instances of spillage–when people who, seeing my name attached to work posts on Facebook, click through to creep my profile, or when someone who I associate with for neutral reasons has a bad reaction to something political I post about–I’ve decided to have a place where I own my words, where I think carefully before writing, and which I share when I want to, publicly.

Welcome, beautiful people, to the Eliot Interchange! The transit hub of my brain. I’m not too sure what all will end up here eventually, but I’ve been ruminating on some further social media commentaries and I occasionally preach, so that’ll probably end up here. Given my ongoing relationship with mental illness, don’t be surprised if that pops up here too. Maybe sometimes I’ll post about cool embroidery stuff I’m doing or other artistic endeavours.

Hope to see you then!