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Eliot is a self-described “gender bandit” living on the traditional territories of the Algonquin Anishnabek (also known as Ottawa, Ontario) with two cats and too much coffee. In 2016, they graduated with an undergraduate degree in History from the University of Ottawa. Eliot has worked as a professional researcher, a teaching assistant, and a government office lackey. They once interned at a museum and built a Haunted House for kids with a zero-dollar budget. They were well-loved as the Education Co-ordinator at the internationally recognized Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, and enjoyed their tenure as Education and Training Facilitator for Rainbow Health Ontario. Their private workshops have also been popular at high schools across the province and churches across the country.

Eliot is a white settler of English and Christian descent, and strives to remain actively aware of the privilege that goes along with that. They work from an anti-oppressive and intersectional framework, but also acknowledge that they are always, and will always, be learning and unlearning the systems in which they were raised and can be complicit in. In other words: they get that the system is broken, and they’re trying very hard to make it better–but they’re also fully prepared to make mistakes, and be humble about that.

In their downtime, Eliot enjoys embroidery, adult colouring books, and marathoning tv shows with strong female protagonists. They’d probably like to meet you.

Eliot Newton

Eliot Newton

Gender Bandit